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Benefits of Olive Oil in Baby Massage

Baby Massage is an integral part of Indian culture. When a baby attains a certain age, the mothers give the baby a gentle massage, which benefits the baby's growth. Modern medicine and physiotherapists have agreed on the importance of baby massage with special oils, be it the regular ones or the medicated oils. Though thousands of brands are selling medicated oils, it’s pretty confusing to choose the best one. That’s why sticking to the regular non-medicated oils, like the Olive oil for Baby massage, is highly recommended.


Oils are nothing but natural fats, which makes the skin soft, supple and nourished for a long time. So, what’s better than using the traditional non-medicated oils like Olive Oil for baby massage?. It's one of the finest cooking oils that we often use for making some amazing salads. But there are many benefits when you use olive oil for baby massage. In this post, we are explaining the same thing.


What are the Benefits of Using Olive Oil in Baby Massage?


If you prefer using the off-the-shelves medicated baby oils, then it's time to upgrade and choose the natural oils. Here are a few of the benefits of using Olive Oil for Baby Massage.


#1 - Skin Nourishment


Babies are very sensitive to almost anything, especially the things applied to their skin. You cannot use many powders and lotions on their skin for nourishment. So, applying a small amount of Olive Oil and massaging it thoroughly will make it soft and smooth. With all-around skin nourishment, your baby will never face any kind of skin problems or irritations. The olive oil massages are useful when the baby is two to six months old. You should not avoid oil massages, as this will help them in the future.


#2 - Muscular Health


Olive Oil is very good for regular massage. With regular massage, the oil will penetrate the skin and provide key nutrients to the muscles. This makes the muscles stronger than usual. That’s why replacing off-the-shelf oils with Olive Oil from reputed brands like SOLASZ will give you good results in improving baby’s muscular health.


#3 - Relief from Cradle Cap


Cradle cap is a condition in babies in which the mild dandruff layer is formed on the head. This is an irritating condition for babies and needs immediate treatment. What’s better than massaging their scalp with Olive oil? The Vitamin E, Linoleic Acid, Omega-6 and Omega-3 Fatty acids in the olive oil will immediately reduce the irritation on the scalp. When used regularly, the babies will not have any Cradle cap issues. We recommend using Olive Oil for regular baby massage for a healthy scalp.


#4 - Maintaining Skin Tone


Not taking care of the skin will make it go darker or dull. This might invite some serious skin issues in the long run. So, it’s essential to apply a fair amount of olive oil to the whole body to maintain the skin tone. Olive oil will healthy nutrients and even out the skin tone. We have to clarify that it doesn’t enhance the skin colour or fairness but maintains the natural skin tone and makes it glow.


Olive oil benefits in baby massage


Frequently Asked Questions by Parents


Parents are a curious lot when it comes to taking care of their babies. They either trust the word of their near ones or they research on the web before buying the baby care products.

Since some of them have never used olive oil, it is but natural to have some questions around it. We’ve already assessed some frequently asked questions and have the answers ready for them.


#1 - Is Olive Oil Safe for Babies?


Olive Oil is safe for babies for application on the skin. It has healthy fatty acids and Vitamin E, which nourishes the skin, and is safe for application. It’s advisable to consult the doctors before administering Olive Oil through food, but it’s safe for skin application.


#2 - Does Olive Oil Make Baby Skin Fairer?


No. Olive Oil does not make Baby Skin fairer. No research or experiment proves that Olive Oil makes baby skin fairer. If you are using Olive Oil only to increase Skin Fairness, it may not help you at all.


#3 - Can We Apply Olive Oil on Baby’s Face?


Yes. It is safe to use Olive oil on a baby's face. But, make sure you apply it gently. Also, you should keep baby eyes safe from olive oil as it may cause irritation and mild inflammation, which you don’t want.


#4 - Can You Use Olive Oil in the Winter Season?


Yes. Olive Oil is an excellent moisturizer; you can use the same in the winter season. Regularly using Olive Oil avoids the Cracks on the skin, irritation and provides necessary moisturization in the harsh winters.


Final Words


Olive oil has long been a part of the Indian babies massage cycle. Mothers blindly recommend Olive Oil to other mothers thanks to the benefits they have seen in their babies.

Thousands of mothers have trusted and acknowledged Solasz Olive Oil for their babies. This Spanish oil is perfect for your baby care.

P.S. PATCH TEST – For any new products you want to apply to your baby skin, it is always recommended to do a Patch Test first.

Apply a small amount of olive oil on your hands to see if it develops any rashes. If it develops rashes, it’s safe not to use the oil for baby massage.