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Media Coverage - Solasz eyeing pan-India expansion, aims to reach more geographies

Sengee Biochem Exim Pvt. Ltd., a renowned FMCG company in India, is on a mission to expand its customer base to more cities and towns with its wide range of products, including olive oils, pasta, vinegar and more through its flagship Brand "Solasz".

Available in leading retail stores across various cities, including Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad, the brand strives to provide healthy and natural solutions to the masses. In addition to the health-conscious food products, the brand also focuses on baby care through its carefully formulated lineup of 100% natural olive oils.


Customers across India can buy Solasz products through leading e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart. To further its reach in Tier II and Tier III locations, Solasz has partnered with new-age e-commerce platform Meesho to make sure its products are easily accessible.

Through its parent company Sengee Biochem Exim Pvt Ltd., Solasz aims to launch its own e-commerce platform to facilitate D2C sales and offer value-added services to the consumers.


Sengee Biochem Exim Pvt Ltd., the parent company of Solasz, started as an importer of healthy food products in India in 2013. Within a short span of time, with the excellence in quality and the customer service provided, Sengee became the pioneer of healthy foods.


As the company evolves into a Green company, Sengee thoroughly focuses on maintaining health, safety and environmental policy standards throughout all of its operations. Further, all the products under its various brands are certified by FSSAI and other important statutory bodies across sectors. The company is constantly on the look for collaborations with various laboratories to deliver niche products.


Solasz, since its inception, has spearheaded the healthy food industry with its premium offerings comprising olive oils, pasta, beans, vinegar and olive fruits. However, the game-changing pure olive oil range is the brand's top seller and serves as a credible replacement for oils that add to the fat and hamper the digestive system. Solasz is also researching gourmet oils to launch its own range of fortified oils, which will have added Vitamin A, D & E.


Solasz is the only olive oil brand with a complete range of SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) sizing from 100ml up to the 5L pack size across different varieties like Pomace, Pure, Extra Virgin and Extra Light Olive Oils. Further, rich with several vital anti-oxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids, the olive oil range aids in children's development and overall functioning. Additionally, olive oil has successfully cleared all suspicions over its consumption by infants, making it a great nutrient-filled supplement. Olive Oil has also been gaining popularity as an infant skincare oil.

With the presence of MUFA (Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids) in the olive oil, it serves as essential for breastfeeding mothers and provides them with the necessary nutrients such as Omega 3 and Omega 6. To add to it, the range of olive oils offered by Solasz also benefit the digestive system and ensure the proper functioning of the heart across all ages.

Sengee's mission remains to expand its existing portfolio of products and reach an even larger clientele to revolutionize the healthy foods industry. To fulfil its targets, the brand also aims to transition to a D2C model, thereby establishing a direct connection with the customers and offering personalized solutions.


Note - This news was originally published on ANI News.